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Shenzhen YSFEN Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "YSFEN") is specialized in wireless communications terminal products, digital navigation terminal and platform technology development, production and sales as one of the communications equipment company. YSFEN is located in Shenzhen Huaqiang North SEG Science and Technology Park, with independent research and development, manufacturing team; the company has cooperation in research and development of technology development staff more than 100 people. The company has a number of GSM, CDMA navigation communications products, patent and technology development strength, and is research and development based on CDMA EVDO technology and WCDMA, LTE technology, the third generation of mobile navigation communications terminal products.

     Companies adhere to the technical innovation and customer-oriented business philosophy, products applicable to outdoor, professional market and industry users of the special needs of professional custom special communications terminal products. The company provides product customization (OEM / ODM) and platform services for industry customers, enabling customers to customize the solution from concept to exterior structure, as well as product hardware and software design to production supply and back office support.

     YSFEN since the establishment, has been adhere to the depth of research and development as the core, fine production as the basis, excellent after-sales service for the protection, the implementation of standardized, market-oriented, information technology, strategic brand mode of operation and high-tech products for the enterprise core Competitive, and through a deeper level of scientific and technological research and development to achieve product innovation and the perfect combination of practical, YSFEN will steadily enter the mainstream of the field of mobile communications camp.

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Address:Shenzhen Longhua New District, min Zhi street, min Hing Industrial Zone, 1970 science and Technology Park 4, 601

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We focus on reinforced industrial tablet and handhel terminals.